$HOOT Tokenomics
$HOOT🦉 token incorporates game-theory along with burning mechanisms to sustain a healthy supply and increase value. We have covered utility/demand which are burn mechanisms for the $HOOT token, now let's take a look at the allocation and emissions.
75% of the $HOOT🦉 supply can only be produced by staking Illuminati Owls. The rest of the supply is used to stabilize the price and increase value through incentives and exposure. This includes 15% for Liquidity, 6% for Development, and 4% for Marketing/Strategic Partnerships.
Emissions of $HOOT🦉 will start with a maximum (if all Illuminati Owls are staked) of around 4,800 $HOOT🦉 per day and will increase linearly as more Owls are “Leveled Up”🆙 and increase their $HOOT🦉 rewards.
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