Ecosystem Ownership ♻️
Own a piece of the Owlverse🌌
While NFT projects keep pumping out new editions and “sister” projects for their already established ecosystems, the original Gen 0 holders (and the ones responsible for the success of said ecosystems) are not being directly compensated. For the most part, they receive no direct benefit from new mints in terms of profit sharing💔. And while one could argue that growing the ecosystem with new projects that also interact with the original project (creating a more robust environment) will indirectly benefit everyone; these benefits are still only implied and certainly not guaranteed👎🏻.
When we decided that we wanted to build out an interactive ecosystem for the Illuminati Owls, one of our main objectives was to include Illuminati Owl👁🦉 holders as part owners of the entire Owlverse🌌 . Thus, giving birth to the idea of profit sharing with our amazing community.
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