Summer Camp
Send your Owl to Summer Camp using your $HOOT tokens and Level Up
To Level Up your Owl you can send it to Summer Camp. However, a trip to Summer Camp does not guarantee a Level Up. Your Owls will Level Up 66.6% of the time they attend Summer Camp, which is pretty good considering sometimes it rains and sometimes they get too drunk.

How it Works

Sending your Owl to Summer Camp will require 2 things:
1. A designated amount of $HOOT🦉
2. Your Owl. Your Owl will be inaccessible for 3 days while it is away at camp⛺.
When your Owl returns from camp, there is a favorable chance that it is Leveled Up with it's metadata permanently upgraded. This will inherently increase your Owls overall market value, as its earning potential is forever increased.

Ticket Costs

Below is a breakdown of Summer Camp Ticket🎫Costs depending on what level your Owl is trying to achieve:
Reminder: Owls that go to Summer Camp will Level Up 66.6% of the time. Good luck!
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