Governance and Utility!
$HOOT is the governance and utility token for the Illuminati Owls ecosystem we call the Owlverse. All use cases of $HOOT will double as burn mechanisms (besides governance). Thus, creating deflationary pressure and healthy supply and demand tokenomics.

Utility and burn mechanisms

  • Governance⚖️ - vote on important decisions regarding the Owlverse🌌; the more $HOOT🦉 you have, the more voting power you will gain
  • Level UPs🆙 - Level Up your owl using $HOOT🦉 to send it to Summer Camp. All $HOOT used for Summer Camp/Level Ups will be burned
  • New project mint allocation - 5% of all new projects’ (Our upcoming Gen1 HD Owls, sister projects, metaverse spaces such as Owl Nests, etc.) supply will be allocated for $HOOT🦉 only minting
  • Floor Sweeps/Airdrops🧹 - We floor sweep blue chip Avax🔺 NFTs and airdrop them to $HOOT🦉 holders. A minimum amount of $HOOT will be required to be in your wallet to qualify
  • Exclusive $HOOT🦉 only NFTs - We will be creating several NFTs that will have added utility throughout the Owlverse🌌. You will only be able to mint these NFTs using $HOOT🦉
  • 1 of 1 Art Auctions🖼️ - We love art and we want to promote 1 of 1 art on the Avalanche blockchain. Thus, we will be collaborating with very talented up and coming, as well as already established, names in the 1 of 1 art space to bring exclusive 1 of 1 art auctions to Avalanche. $HOOT will be the only way for collectors to participate in these auctions
  • Raffles, Contests, Poker, and more💰 - Win Avax🔺 in our “Mint Out” raffles in which you can only buy tickets with $HOOT🦉. Participate in contests and win NFTs and other real world prizes using $HOOT to enter. Also participate in our poker♠️ tournaments using $HOOT🦉 as a buyin
  • Merchandise👚 - We plan to create limited edition Illuminati Owl merchandise that will be available to purchase with Avax🔺 or $HOOT tokens