Illuminati Owls

Illuminati Owls 👁🦉

NFTs that earn $HOOT and Level Up. Bringing community profit sharing to Avalanche🔺
A collection of only 3,333 avatar NFTs residing on Avalanche🔺, Illuminati Owls 👁🦉represents a new era for profile picture NFTs. Not only do holders own a piece of art🖼️, but they also own a piece of the entire ecosystem we call the Owlverse🌌.
Owl holders will receive 33% profit sharing💰 on all Illuminati Owlverse🌌 additions; including but not limited to: next Gen Illuminati Owl sets, "sister" projects, and metaverse releases.
Stake your Owls, earn $HOOT🦉 and Level Up to receive an even bigger piece of the pie🍰!

+ Utility 🔋

The days of a profile picture NFT without any utility or other means of ROI are coming to an end. It seems as they are being replaced by P2E (play to earn) “games” in which users use their NFT to interact with smart contracts (also called staking) and earn a utility token in order to upgrade their NFT, which in turn allows them to earn even more of said utility token.
While we have nothing against this model, (in fact we will be using a hybrid version of this model) we think that the art, PFP social dynamics, and community should be the foundation for NFT projects with a long term vision.
Our vision is to combine detailed PFP art, an idle P2E experience, and ecosystem ownership. Most of you understand the first two concepts, so let's talk about ecosystem ownership first.
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